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      ABOUT US

      A fun fabulous shop full of thoughtful gifts and fine clothing sure to bring joy to you and your loved ones!

      Jacque Michelle provides charming personalized selections of high quality fashion and accessories, home and hostess gifts, a wide range of jewelry, greeting cards, books, baby and so much more. We support fair trade markets and locally sourced artisans because we believe that who we buy from is just as important as who we buy for. Women-owned and operated, we believe that providing highly curated services and goods is what taking part in our community is all about. Come visit us the in the heart of Boulder to experience the quality style and joyful experience that Jacque Michelle has to offer! Don’t want to miss out on anything? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or sign up for our weekly emails to access our exclusive offers, sales, and events.

      OUR TEAM

      Dianne Russell


      Theresa Webb


      Bessie Cooper


      Bessie Cooper


      Bessie Cooper


      Bessie Cooper

      Kathy & Janet

      Bessie Cooper